Salthouse Bridge Works

The bridge over the Salthouse / Albert Dock entrance is to have a major refurbishment beginning in January. The bridge has had no maintenance since it was installed by the Merseyside Development Corporation during the restoration of the Albert Dock. It will now be brought up to standard and repainted with works lasting some 7 to 8 weeks and beginning on January 5th.

The bridge was originally painted with red lead which was then overcoated with black paint. Since the bridge was installed red lead has become regarded as dangerous so now  to repaint the structure all of the red lead has to be removed. However whilst it can be shotblasted off, none can be allowed to fall into the water so the bridge will be encapsulated and the shotblasting done with specialist equipment that ensures that all debris is collected and removed for safe treatment. Once cleared of red lead the bridge will then be repainted with a new hi-tech coating that will last for 20+ years.

The work will be funded from a long term  maintenance fund built up over many years from the Estate Service charge. The fund has been built up to provide long term maintenance of dock walls and bridges etc. We contribute to the Estate Service Charge from our own Service Charge so we are effectively contributing to the cost of this work. Our contribution is minor compared to the commecial tenants but nevertheless we contribute. So ADRA’s directorship on the GSE Board is essential to represent our views and to ensure that major expenditure such as this is good value for money for the residents.

Whilst the shotblasting is taking place there will be some noise during working hours which will be heard by dock side residents. Hopefully this will not be loud enough to cause disturbance.