Service Road Closure – IMPORTANT

We are pleased to confirm that the resurfacing of the Service Road will be taking place as planned next week. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW AS THERE WILL BE SOME RESTRICTION TO ACCESS AND EXIT OF THE GARAGE.  There can be no doubt that significant sections of the existing tarmac are no longer in-keeping with the high standards expected of the Estate and that with this work the appearance of the Colonnades will be greatly enhanced.

When planning this work we have always known there would be a requirement to minimise disruption to residents, businesses, the Tate Gallery and other users of the road.  Several parties use the roadway and we have had to select dates for the work to commence that meet with the requirements of those parties and of course the contractor.

The good news is that the works are to commence shortly and should, if weather permits, only take two days.  The not-so-good news (depending on your view-point) is that works will be starting on Monday 29th September.  We do understand that this is short notice but we hope you will appreciate that we are doing what we can to minimise disruption.

On Monday 29th September the resurfacing team will arrive on site at approximately 8:00am to set up for the removal of the existing tarmac surface at 9:00am.  The removal of the roadway and turning area surfaces will take all day and it will be both noisy and dusty work.  Those residents with a riverside apartment should ensure that windows are closed whilst this work is on-going.  During the day the roadway will be closed to vehicles all-day and it will not re-open until 6:00pm.  Therefore should you need to use your vehicle during the day please exit the estate before 9:00am and please remember not to bring your vehicle back to the underground car park before 6;00pm.  In the event of an emergency (ie for ambulances, police and fire engines), the contractor will be able to manoeuvre the planing machine to allow a vehicle to pass by.

On Tuesday 30th September the roadway will be completely closed from 9:00am whilst the new surface is laid.  Again, should you need to use your vehicle during the day please ensure you leave the car park before then.  Please note that once the contractor starts laying the new tarmac there will be no way past until the full section of the roadway resurfacing is complete.

The contractor will start relaying the new tarmac at the end of the estate road nearest the Holiday Inn Express and then work back towards the gate at the Tate end of the road.  The work is expected to take a full day and therefore please do not bring your vehicle back to the development before 5:00pm. 

Many residents and businesses regularly take deliveries during the day.  If you are expecting a delivery on Monday or Tuesday of next week please ensure you inform those companies or suppliers that there will be no vehicular access down the service road on Monday and Tuesday.

Premier Estates have written to every resident with full details and notices will be posted in lifts and at reception.