New Artwork at The Colonnades

You may have noticed some new pictures on the walls of the Colonnades corridors. Some 11 new pictures have been added and some have replaced the John Towell pastels in the phase five area. All of the images came from the Albert Dock archive. On the first floor there is a photograph of the writers of the book “Boys from the Blackstuff” together with Alan Bleasedale who wrote the screenplay and Michael Angelis who played one of the lead rolls. The photograph was taken at the dock where some scenes were filmed. All this being before the dock was regenerated.

2014-06-20 15.19.24In reception there is a photograph of the opening ceremony of the restored Albert Dock with a young looking Prince Charles addressing the crowds. This photo has been dedicated to Dolly Crone who, whilst doing things her own way, gave a huge amount of time to the Colonnades and worked hard for us all. All of the pictures were paid for out of ADRA funds and not the Service Charge.