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GoodSAM emergency responder app

GoodSAM is a social enterprise set up to work with ambulance and pre-hospital services to enable qualified bystanders to provide life saving care in emergencies. Their mission is to save people’s lives.

Operating Internationally, GoodSAM (Good Smartphone Activated Medics) is the world’s most advanced emergency alerting platform. The app allows alerters to dial the emergency services, and at the same time notify nearby medically qualified responders of a medical emergency. By alerting responders of an emergency, GoodSAM connects those in need with those who have the skills to provide critical help before the emergency services arrive.

The app is free and available for available for android, windows and iOS. It can currently be activated in parts of Europe, North America and Australia so may be worth downloading before your next holiday! It will soon be integrating with the North West Ambulance Service which means their IT will automatically check to see if a GoodSAM responder is nearby – they may be on the scene before an ambulance arrives. Further information can be found here

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The citizenAID App will reduce the anxiety from difficult decision making in an unfamiliar situation. Follow the logical steps to do the right things in the right order. Stay safe and help us… to help you… to save lives.

The citizenAID app is free to the UK public and is designed initially for use in the UK. Access is left open internationally for the wider public good, but recognising there is detail that relates only to the UK (such as emergency service phone number). Additional country versions will be developed dependent on demand.”  US version is available, search “citizenAID US” in Google & iTunes.

Many people across the country have prepared themselves to know what to do when someone collapses with a heart attack. But being able to act effectively after serious injury from bomb blast, gunshot and stabbing requires different knowledge and skills.

Quick actions in these situations, particularly to stop bleeding, will save lives.

The citizenAID Pocket Guide is a clear and simple series of immediate actions. YOU can be the person to provide information to the emergency services, to help organise others at the scene and to give life-saving care while waiting for the professionals to arrive.

Be prepared. Learn the system. YOU can save lives.

Further detail is available here

Superfast Broadband at The Colonnades

The Colonnades have recently been surveyed by Hyperoptic with a view to installing 1Gigabyte broadband to all apartments throughout the building. Broadband service at this speed would allow the full streaming of HD video and would provide areal alternative to Satellite or Cable TV systems. To find out more about having it installed in your apartment please follow this link.

Hyperoptic Presentation

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To register your interest in having 1 Gigabyte Broadband in your apartment please go to

Albert Dock wins Civic Society Award


Winners of the Merseyside Civic Society’s Quentin Hughes Awards, from left to right, Canon Anthony O’Brien, Dean of Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Chris Bliss, Liverpool ONE Estate director at Grosvenor, and David Roscoe, chairman of the Albert Dock Residents Assocation

Three of Liverpool’s greatest landmarks from different eras were celebrated with special civic awards.

The restored Albert Dock, the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral and Liverpool One shopping centre were each presented with the Quentin Hughes Award as part of the Merseyside Civic Society 75th Anniversary Awards.

These three spectacular properties were recognised for their outstanding architecture and significance in Liverpool’s history, said Society chairman Dr Peter Brown.

They were each chosen as the exemplary project for the period of the three successive quarter centuries of the society’s existence. It was formed in 1938.

The awards celebrate the contribution of Dr Brown’s predecessor, Prof Quentin Hughes, Military Cross and bar, as society chairman from 1995 to 2000.

Prof Hughes, born in Newsham Park, was an SAS founder member, lectured at Liverpool University School of Architecture, set up the Royal School of Architecture in Malta, helped secure Liverpool’s World Heritage Site status and wrote Seaport, the definitive Liverpool architecture book.

Dr Brown said: “The Society judges unanimously believe that all of three award winners exemplify their period’s positive contribution to the city’s evolution and attractiveness.

“They also add to the city’s history, tourism, retail and business sectors, plus look forward to the future of the city.”

For the building period 1938-63, Canon Anthony O’Brien accepted the award for the RC Metropolitan Cathedral, and said: “This recognises the bravery of those who chose to abandon the traditional cathedral plans and with a very modern design, very much of its time, but in spite of criticism back then it has become a timeless piece.”

The 1964-88 period award for the Albert Dock restoration marked the revival by public investment and private development of a very large building threatened with demolition.

David Roscoe, Albert Dock residents’ association chairman, said: “It’s now truly integrated into Liverpool and is a key part of a magnificent city.”

Liverpool One, representing the 1989-2013 period, was praised for departing from the modern shopping centre template and instead reconnects with the historic street pattern.

Chris Bliss, Liverpool One estates chief, said: “It’s a huge honour.

“A great number of people have been involved behind the scheme and we’re still in the delivery phase. I’m glad Liverpool One is recognised as somewhere which takes people back to the grass roots of the city as well as its appeal as a modern shopping centre.”