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GoodSAM emergency responder app

GoodSAM is a social enterprise set up to work with ambulance and pre-hospital services to enable qualified bystanders to provide life saving care in emergencies. Their mission is to save people’s lives.

Operating Internationally, GoodSAM (Good Smartphone Activated Medics) is the world’s most advanced emergency alerting platform. The app allows alerters to dial the emergency services, and at the same time notify nearby medically qualified responders of a medical emergency. By alerting responders of an emergency, GoodSAM connects those in need with those who have the skills to provide critical help before the emergency services arrive.

The app is free and available for available for android, windows and iOS. It can currently be activated in parts of Europe, North America and Australia so may be worth downloading before your next holiday! It will soon be integrating with the North West Ambulance Service which means their IT will automatically check to see if a GoodSAM responder is nearby – they may be on the scene before an ambulance arrives. Further information can be found here:

GoodSam poster

Salthouse Bridge Works

The bridge over the Salthouse / Albert Dock entrance is to have a major refurbishment beginning in January. The bridge has had no maintenance since it was installed by the Merseyside Development Corporation during the restoration of the Albert Dock. It will now be brought up to standard and repainted with works lasting some 7 to 8 weeks and beginning on January 5th.

The bridge was originally painted with red lead which was then overcoated with black paint. Since the bridge was installed red lead has become regarded as dangerous so now  to repaint the structure all of the red lead has to be removed. However whilst it can be shotblasted off, none can be allowed to fall into the water so the bridge will be encapsulated and the shotblasting done with specialist equipment that ensures that all debris is collected and removed for safe treatment. Once cleared of red lead the bridge will then be repainted with a new hi-tech coating that will last for 20+ years.

The work will be funded from a long term  maintenance fund built up over many years from the Estate Service charge. The fund has been built up to provide long term maintenance of dock walls and bridges etc. We contribute to the Estate Service Charge from our own Service Charge so we are effectively contributing to the cost of this work. Our contribution is minor compared to the commecial tenants but nevertheless we contribute. So ADRA’s directorship on the GSE Board is essential to represent our views and to ensure that major expenditure such as this is good value for money for the residents.

Whilst the shotblasting is taking place there will be some noise during working hours which will be heard by dock side residents. Hopefully this will not be loud enough to cause disturbance.

New Plants in Reception

New decorative planting has been completed in the Colonnades Reception. There have not been any plants in the Reception area for a few years mostly because of the vulneribility of the plants due to drafts and also the problems and costs of keeping them watered and maintained. Consequently they were not replaced as they died off and the planting area has been left empty. These new plants are high quality silk so will solve the maintenance problem and still look attractive.

The project has been completed by Albert Dock Residents Association and will not be a cost on the Service Charge.

Just finally, a special thanks to Committee member Patricia Williams who has undertaken the whole project giving considerable time to choosing and “planting” this new greenery.

Service Road Closure – IMPORTANT

We are pleased to confirm that the resurfacing of the Service Road will be taking place as planned next week. PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW AS THERE WILL BE SOME RESTRICTION TO ACCESS AND EXIT OF THE GARAGE.  There can be no doubt that significant sections of the existing tarmac are no longer in-keeping with the high standards expected of the Estate and that with this work the appearance of the Colonnades will be greatly enhanced.

When planning this work we have always known there would be a requirement to minimise disruption to residents, businesses, the Tate Gallery and other users of the road.  Several parties use the roadway and we have had to select dates for the work to commence that meet with the requirements of those parties and of course the contractor.

The good news is that the works are to commence shortly and should, if weather permits, only take two days.  The not-so-good news (depending on your view-point) is that works will be starting on Monday 29th September.  We do understand that this is short notice but we hope you will appreciate that we are doing what we can to minimise disruption.

On Monday 29th September the resurfacing team will arrive on site at approximately 8:00am to set up for the removal of the existing tarmac surface at 9:00am.  The removal of the roadway and turning area surfaces will take all day and it will be both noisy and dusty work.  Those residents with a riverside apartment should ensure that windows are closed whilst this work is on-going.  During the day the roadway will be closed to vehicles all-day and it will not re-open until 6:00pm.  Therefore should you need to use your vehicle during the day please exit the estate before 9:00am and please remember not to bring your vehicle back to the underground car park before 6;00pm.  In the event of an emergency (ie for ambulances, police and fire engines), the contractor will be able to manoeuvre the planing machine to allow a vehicle to pass by.

On Tuesday 30th September the roadway will be completely closed from 9:00am whilst the new surface is laid.  Again, should you need to use your vehicle during the day please ensure you leave the car park before then.  Please note that once the contractor starts laying the new tarmac there will be no way past until the full section of the roadway resurfacing is complete.

The contractor will start relaying the new tarmac at the end of the estate road nearest the Holiday Inn Express and then work back towards the gate at the Tate end of the road.  The work is expected to take a full day and therefore please do not bring your vehicle back to the development before 5:00pm. 

Many residents and businesses regularly take deliveries during the day.  If you are expecting a delivery on Monday or Tuesday of next week please ensure you inform those companies or suppliers that there will be no vehicular access down the service road on Monday and Tuesday.

Premier Estates have written to every resident with full details and notices will be posted in lifts and at reception.




2014 Pirate Festival

Liverpool Pirate Festival
13th and 14th September 2014
Liverpool Pirate Festival will be returning to the Albert Dock on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September.

The main programme of activity will take place from 11am – 5pm. With key elements as follows:

11am: Cannon fire to signal commencement of activites
All day: Living History and Hawks and raptors on Pier Masters green
All day: Visits onto the Zebu Pirate ship
2.30pm: Pirate Battle using cannons and renactment gunfire in Albert Dock
5.00pm: Close of all activities

Liverpool 8th Triathlon

This Sunday 10th August 2014 will see the 8th Annual Liverpool Triathlon take place in and around the city, including Albert Dock. We are hosting the run section of the course and this will take place along Salthouse Quay & Hartley Quay, tuning at Hartley Bridge and making their way out of Albert Dock gates onto the strand.

Road closures for Hartley & Salthouse Quay will be in place from 0700am until around 5pm. Gower Street will remain open to all traffic up to the Junction with Salthouse where a road closure will be in place. Access to Gower Street for residents & tenants will be via Kings Parade as with most events.

Please also be aware that Car Park A, Near the Welcome Centre will be inaccessible to traffic throughout the day, we will be closing this car park for entry on Saturday at 02.00am.


New Artwork at The Colonnades

You may have noticed some new pictures on the walls of the Colonnades corridors. Some 11 new pictures have been added and some have replaced the John Towell pastels in the phase five area. All of the images came from the Albert Dock archive. On the first floor there is a photograph of the writers of the book “Boys from the Blackstuff” together with Alan Bleasedale who wrote the screenplay and Michael Angelis who played one of the lead rolls. The photograph was taken at the dock where some scenes were filmed. All this being before the dock was regenerated.

2014-06-20 15.19.24In reception there is a photograph of the opening ceremony of the restored Albert Dock with a young looking Prince Charles addressing the crowds. This photo has been dedicated to Dolly Crone who, whilst doing things her own way, gave a huge amount of time to the Colonnades and worked hard for us all. All of the pictures were paid for out of ADRA funds and not the Service Charge.

Superfast Broadband at The Colonnades

The Colonnades have recently been surveyed by Hyperoptic with a view to installing 1Gigabyte broadband to all apartments throughout the building. Broadband service at this speed would allow the full streaming of HD video and would provide areal alternative to Satellite or Cable TV systems. To find out more about having it installed in your apartment please follow this link.

Hyperoptic Presentation

Q_and_A (4)

To register your interest in having 1 Gigabyte Broadband in your apartment please go to